Good News Club

Meetings are scheduled at Lowell South for kindergartners only on 4 Mondays: 9/22, 9/29, 10/6 and 10/13.  Additional helpers are needed – contact Larry Arnold (385-3147 or 385-6998) if you are interested in helping.

Teacher Training Workshop

BMC is hosting a teacher training workshop to encourage and equip the many wonderful teachers and volunteers we have within our church.  We want to encourage those who work in Bethel’s many teaching ministries to mark your calendar and join us for a day of equipping.

Date:  August 16  ~ ~ ~ Time: 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Bethel Christian School

Volunteers are needed to sort workbook pages for BCS.  We will meet in the gym at 9:00 this Wednesday, July 30, and work until Noon.  Many helping hands are needed to make the job go quickly.  If you can help with this project, just come to the gym at 9:00 on Wednesday.  Thank you.

Choir Members

Please register online for the upcoming Choir Retreat on Sunday, August 17th, at  Please plan on attending even if you attended last year’s retreat.  The content will be different.

If you are thinking about or interested in joining the choir this fall, please contact the Choir Director, Scott Hartley at 664-8243.



Child Evangelism Fellowship – 5-Day Club

Child Evangelism Fellowship – 5-Day Club is an exciting, fun-filled 1-1/2 hours held each day for five (5) consecutive days (Monday-Friday).  It includes dynamic Bible lessons, creative learning activities, an inspiring missionary story, meaningful songs and life-changing Scripture memorization.  All children ages 4 – 12 are welcome to attend the 5-Day Club on June 23-27 from 10:00 to 11:30 at the home of Mike & Shannon Schafer, 905 Wilson Avenue in Princeton.  Join us and bring a friend!  You may contact Babs Johnson at 386-7790 for more information.


Summer Softball Fellowship

All men and women, ages 15 and up, are invited to participate this June and July on Bethel softball teams in a Princeton Church League.  Cost is $20/player to cover the entry fee and a t-shirt for each player.  Please take and fill out an interest sheet located on the Information Center in the main foyer.  Please return the sheets to the church office so that Brian Douglas (812-779-8403) and Rusty Reeves (812-677-2348) can form the teams based on your preferences.  Feel free to call them with any questions.


“Refuge at Bethel” Ministry

Our church is planning to roll out a new ministry this Fall.

Lord-willing, beginning in September, Monday nights  will be dedicated to providing Christ-centered, Scripture-based support groups for the church family and our local community. One of the first groups offered will be a recovery group for addictions.

Our prayer is that the Lord grows “Refuge” to provide more groups addressing more life concerns such as prison   release/transition; finance management/stewardship; divorce recovery; and the list could go on.

Many Bethel volunteers ready to serve will be a vital  part of “Refuge” in order to carry out the Monday night activities which we hope will include a meal and worship time prior to the group time.

Mike Clark is leading “Refuge” and would like to talk with you about serving or participating in a group. You can reach him at 812-632-8867. Please pray for Mike as he leads.

Pray for laborers to serve in the ministry. Pray for God’s unrivaled greatness & love to be known in our community as He changes our lives through His ministry work.


The Men’s Team Ministry & Breakfast

The Men’s Team Ministry & Breakfast will meet at 7:00am on Saturday, June 14, in the gym.

All men are invited to a good breakfast, great fellowship and an encouraging word centered around the Lord.  Invite someone to come with you.

We will split up into our teams about 7:45am and visit our care receivers.  We are in need of 6-8 new members in order to serve our care receivers.

The Men’s Team Ministry goal is:

Just as Christ sacrificed for us by meeting a need we could not meet ourselves, we want to train/learn to sacrifice for others by meeting needs they cannot meet themselves.

This is what we do:

a)            Men donate three hours of time one Saturday morning a month.

b)            They’re formed into teams of four.

c)            Each team is permanently assigned to a widow, widower or single parent (care receiver).

d)            On the second Saturday of every month, the teams meet at their church at 7 AM for fellowship, prayer, devotion, and last minute planning.

e)            At 7:45 AM, the men break up into their teams and go out and work in the homes of their care receiver until 10 AM.

f)             Each month, the teams return to the same care receiver, resulting in a long term relational ministry that we hope will last for years.

Anyone interested in checking out this ministry is welcome to stop by and have coffee, donuts, and fellowship.  If you have any questions please call Pastor Kyle or Rick Birch at 480-3771.


Men’s Small Group Bible Studies

There are currently several small groups (3-7 men in a group) studying God’s Word and learning from each other.  Several Groups are starting a new study.  If you are interested in joining one  of our small group Bible studies, check out the additional information on the sign up sheet in the south foyer of the church.

College Prayer Ministry

College Students who would like someone to support you in prayer, please pick up a form today at the Information Center.  A Prayer Partner will faithfully  remember you in prayer during the school year. Fill out a form as soon as possible for this ministry to begin. Please contact Cindy Beadles at 386-7269 or 677-0298 if you have questions or need  additional information.


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