Ladies Project Day

Ladies Project Day will be in the gym on Saturday, February 13th from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, for all ladies who are interested in fellowshipping whether they craft or not, so you can cut recipes out of magazines, do couponing or just fellowship!  Lunch will be catered and drinks provided but we want you to sign up at the Information Desk so we’ll know how much food to order!

Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference

Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference (includes young men 13 & older) – Saturday, March 5th in Terre Haute. $55 includes lunch. Scholarships available. Sign-ups begin next week. Please sign up at Information Desk by Feb 20. Please pay by Feb 27. Make checks payable to Bethel Memorial Church

Ladies Night Out

At 6:00 pm on Monday, February 1st, all the ladies are invited to meet at the church to view the movie “War Room.”  Invite a friend and sign up at the Information Desk if you plan to attend.  A sign-up sheet for refreshments will be forthcoming.


Men’s Breakfast Fellowship

You are invited to join other men in our gym on February 6 2016 at 7:00 am for a hearty breakfast, good fellowship and an encouraging word.  Invite a friend!!!!!


The Men’s Team Ministry

The Men’s Team Ministry will meet at 7:00am on Saturday,Dec.12 , in the gym.

All men are invited to great fellowship and an encouraging word centered around the Lord.  Invite someone to come with you.

We will split up into our teams about 7:45am and visit our care receivers.  We are in need of 6-8 new members in order to serve our care receivers.

The Men’s Team Ministry goal is:

Just as Christ sacrificed for us by meeting a need we could not meet ourselves, we want to train/learn to sacrifice for others by meeting needs they cannot meet themselves.

This is what we do:

a)            Men donate three hours of time one Saturday morning a month.

b)            They’re formed into teams of four.

c)            Each team is permanently assigned to a widow, widower or single parent (care receiver).

d)            On the second Saturday of every month, the teams meet at their church at 7 AM for fellowship, prayer, devotion, and last minute planning.

e)            At 7:45 AM, the men break up into their teams and go out and work in the homes of their care receiver until 10 AM.

f)             Each month, the teams return to the same care receiver, resulting in a long term relational ministry that we hope will last for years.

Anyone interested in checking out this ministry is welcome to stop by and have coffee, donuts, and fellowship.  If you have any questions please call Pastor Kyle or Rick Birch at 480-3771.


Men’s Small Group Bible Studies

There are currently several small groups (3-7 men in a group) studying God’s Word and learning from each other.  If you are interested in joining one  of our men’s small group Bible studies, please contact our Men’s Ministry director Clint Williams at 270.314.0002 for more information.


BETHEL MEMORIAL CHURCH offers Sunday School Classes for ages 2 years through Senior Saints.

Time is 9:30 to 10:25 am.





It is the desire of this church to meet the spiritual needs of each individual who comes to the church seeking worship, fellowship and spiritual growth. While all persons who wish to participate will be welcomed, we have instituted precautions as established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to minimize the risk of spread of communicable diseases.

Enacting this policy will take the cooperation of the Church, Children’s ministry workers and the parents. Below are the parent’s guidelines as stated in the policy.


Children’s ministry workers consider the welll-being of your child a sacred trust. In the best interest of children and workers, we request that individuals with contagious illnesses or potentially contagious illnesses, whether they are children or ministry workers, refrain from participating in children’s ministry areas at the church.

Symptoms include:

  • Fever above 100 degrees taken orally (must be normal for 24 hours before participating).
  • Discharge from ears or eyes.
  • Discolored mucous from the nose (not caused by teething).
  • Skin lesions that blister.
  • Undiagnosed rashes.
  • Vomiting or diarrhea lasting several hours during the past 24 hours.
  • Excessive signs of cold, tiredness, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, or coughing – any highly contagious disease such as chicken pox or pink eye.

As an additional precaution, we also ask that children refrain from bringing personal items such as stuffed animals, blankets, dolls, etc. into the classrooms.

A copy of the Infectious Diseases Policy in its entirety is available at the Information Center.


I find great resources from time to time through the different publications I receive. Here are a few websites that were recommended for parents of Teenagers in an article by I have not looked through all the pages of each website and, as a result, cannot endorse every single thing they say. Below is the list.

Feel free to check these out for yourself.

Justin Hight, Youth Director


Wednesday    – 7:30 am

Sunday AM Prayer – We welcome you to join this group who prays specifically for the Pastor’s prayer requests each Sunday morning. A list is maintained for three months in advance. You can sign up and if enough individuals sign up, you may only be asked to serve once during the 3-month period.

Contact Donna Whitehead or the church office for more information.


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