Where the Rubber Meets the Road

     Don’t you love it when you receive a gift and it is helpful to you in a practical way. This last summer my son and I did some mowing and tried to sweep all of the grass clippings off a parking lot with a broom. Honestly it was not much fun and not very effective. Imagine my excitement when I opened a large box at Christmas to find a gas powered blower. Talk about useful, helpful and practical!
     People often say the Bible is out of date, or that it is not practical for everyday life or for this generation. I beg to differ! God’s Word is incredibly applicable to daily life in 2014. There is not a greater example of that than the book of James that we are studying on Sunday mornings. This book addresses the issues of life like: why we go through trials, how to handle temptation, prejudice, the power of our words, the danger of materialism, the power of prayer and other issues.
     Come join us as we walk through this practical book. I know that we will be convicted, challenged and encouraged by the truth it contains. I also trust that our great God will change us in practical ways to be the sons and daughters that He desires.
     Thanks for joining me on the journey.
     -Pastor Kevin